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CareCenter Ministries residential program is designed to help those with life-controlling issues.
We are a Christ-centered, non-profit- organization that focuses our efforts on Jesus Christ and
biblical principles that empower us for a successful life. We have found this program to be very
successful with real, long-term solutions rather than a temporary ‘Band-Aid’ to things such as
addiction, self-destructive behavior, and lack of self-worth. Issues of this magnitude are very
serious and should not be taken lightly or thought of as problems that can be controlled without
the help of the only higher power-Jesus Christ. Regardless of your background, CareCenter
Ministries has developed a system using time proven biblical principles to give you the necessary
tools to help you become the winner God has made us ALL to be.


-Eldred Sawyer
Executive Director, CareCenter Ministries

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Our Approach

The resident will receive training and direction while in the home and learn to face problem
areas. An awesome attribute about our staff is that most of them have been exactly in the same
position as you. They are graduates of the program and understand these struggles and fears.
Each resident will remain in Phase 1 for approximately 6-9 months, dependent upon growth.
The resident will be in Phase 2 for the last 3-6 months. Promotion from Phase 2 to Phase Out/4

graduation will be dependent upon the residents personal growth and progress, but the resident’s time in the program may be extended beyond the 12-month mark in some situations.


Where It Started

CareCenter Ministries began in1986, through a prayer group of 13 people in Rockwell, TX. That group birthed a church that began ministering to their local community.  This ministry expanded to reach thousands of people living in abject poverty and hopelessness, just a few miles away in the city of Dallas.

CareCenter Ministries Missouri is a multi-faceted organization that impacts the community in many different ways. It is a 501c3 organization and is completely privately funded. As part of its discipleship program, CareCenter’s Cottage Industries helps to fund the ministry along with the financial support of the community. CareCenter Ministries Missouri is committed to the transformation of our community.


Why It Works

CareCenter Ministries is a Christ-centered outreach organization founded on the principles of Biblical transformation. By recognizing and accepting whole people with broken lives and providing them with a structured community and system in which to pursue their identity in Christ, individual lives are transformed and: transformed individuals lead to transformed families and transformed families transform communities with far-reaching effects for good.

Through our faith-based programs, we are strengthening the hand of the poor. Positive personal interaction in a Christ-like community, that includes integrative hands-on discipleship by those who are committed to being deeply involved with those who are lost and broken, is necessary for transformation. 

Upon completion of the program, our residents emerge educated in personal and spiritual disciplines founded on their true identity in Christ. Built on this foundation are also life skills, interpersonal relational skills, and proficiency in career-oriented trade skills with the opportunity to pursue higher education, when applicable. This equipping, as a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, allows their personal transformation to infiltrate all of their spheres of influence in a successful manner with Maximum Kingdom Impact. 


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